Written & Performed by
Jim Brochu & Steve Schalchlin

“Side-Splitting! You crack up at their deft mimicry and marvel at the romantic sweep of their songs, emotion catching your throat. Here art is achieved with light hands, and the result is a triumphant and very touching song of praise to everyday love and the funky glories of the show business life. The Big Voice is a hilarious and utterly rewarding evening of musical theatre.

- The New York Times

“A funny, tender and thoroughly entertaining two-man show. “The Big Voice” captivates with its big heart. Anyone who loves musical theatre should see this show.”

- New York Daily News

“Jim Brochu and Steve Schalchlin have made fantastic theatre out of the drama of their lives. People will rave about this simply staged yet intricately written production. They'll be in it for the one-liners, which consistently score high on the LOL-meter."

- Village Voice

“An endearing musical - a kind of second honeymoon in song performed with an affecting mixture of sarcasm, mirth, and heart. The idea that show tunes can substitute for religion will ring true for anyone who found “Godspell” instead of God."

- The New Yorker

“The Big Voice" is unconventional and perhaps unlikely, but this story of a mismatched couple, musical comedy-style, is funny, touching and warmly endearing. Brochu keeps us in stitches with his showbiz shtick.”

- Variety

"Passionate. Both writer/performers are engaging and talented. Brochu is particularly funny and Schalchlin's original numbers demonstrate the duo's talent for sensitive and lyrically incisive songwriting."

- New York Post

“’The Big Voice: God or Merman’ encapsulates why we love theater. It’s a show that somehow manages to bring a smile to the face, a tear to the eye and laughter all the way through. It is a comedy celebrating gay marriage that effortlessly weaves together humor with a touch of drama. An instant hit, the show is a smart, funny and touching performance – one that makes Broadway happy to welcome Brochu and Schalchlin back with open arms.”


“Highly entertaining! There are all different kinds of love stories. This one is as much about love of theater as it is about a 22-year relationship between two very talented men. Alternately hilarious and deeply moving, The Big Voice: God or Merman should not be missed!"

- Theatermania

“Delightfully silly, consistently entertaining and often even touching. The show itself is sublimely engaging and honest. Sharing the sometimes serious and occasionally even terrifying lives of these two genial men is a pretty good way to spend an evening.”

- Curtain Up