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This score is the coyprighted property of Steve Schalchlin (additional lyrics by Jim Brochu & Marie Cain), the author of the songs in THE BIG VOICE: GOD OR MERMAN? By clicking on the link(s) below, you are accepting the responsibility that you are accessing it for your personal use or for library archive. You may print out copies for this purpose. If you wish to perform songs from this score, contact Permission is freely granted. Some of the songs have lyrics specific to the stage production. If you'd like to modify them for solo performance, contact Steve and he'll work with you on suggested changes.

Several recordings of these songs are available here.
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Single songs:

How Do You Fall Back In Love? - pdf
Love ballad for duet. Can be performed solo.

Beyond The Light -pdf

I Want To Make Music - pdf

The Closet - pdf

James Robertson - pdf

Where Is God? - pdf

Near You (show version) - pdf

Christmastime - pdf

Sometimes When I Pray - pdf

You Are A Stranger - pdf

One New Hell - pdf

Sower & Scarecrow - pdf